William Brock


About William

William Brock, of Interlachen Florida, is a singer/songwriter. He plays his Epiphone Hummingbird guitar and sings many songs from the 60’s and 70’s as well as from  later dates. William also includes in his performances songs that he has written.

William is available for private bookings. Go to the contact page to communicate with him directly.

William Talks About His Music

I have come full circle with my music. I began playing just acoustic guitar and singing, mostly contemporary folk songs, with no other musical accompaniment. Over time I found myself playing electric guitar with other musicians and bands, playing more and more highly orchestrated and complexed pieces. And looking to play larger venues.

Now I have come back to the joy of playing acoustic guitar and singing in smaller, more intimate venues. That is also my favorite way to listen to music, live, not too loud, acoustic.

At home I just sit on my stool, play songs I know by heart, and just drift away (my meditation). But mostly I like sharing my songs with others. The songs I sing range from 1960 to the present. I just look for good songs. It is all about the song. I do them simply and clearly.  I do not overly concern myself with playing it exactly like the original recording. As  I said, it is all about the song. And I also sprinkle in a few songs that I have written. 

I do not play many sad songs. I do not find beauty or joy in sadness. But I may play a sad song from time to time for contrast. But to listen to one sad song after another, or play one sad song after another, is just not something I like to do.


Keeping The Faith

Peace love & Music